Oeuf" is the fourth episode of Season 1, and overall the fourth produced hour of Hannibal. It was originally supposed to air on April 25, 2013, though it was pulled off the schedule due to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.  It was later released through iTunes.
Austin MacDonald as CJ Lincoln
This film is about a teenage boy from a broken home with a difficult school life as he is relentlessly bullied day after day. He has recently lost his father and his mother is never around, having to work two jobs while trying to keep up with the mortgage payments.
Austin MacDonald plays the lead role as Ryan
Austin MacDonald as Andy
Life with Boys is a Canadian teen sitcom that started broadcasting in Canada on YTV in September 2011. It follows Tess Foster (Torri Webster) as she copes with living in a home with just boys’With the help of her best friend, Allie (Madison Pettis), she pulls through.
Austin MacDonald as Auzzy
Debra! is a Canadian television series that focuses on 14-year-old Debra Delong who wants to make her own company and wants to run it with a boy named Preston Lunford. Austin plays one of the lead roles as Auzzie Pilditch a bit too confident for his own good.Auzzie believes he's the world's gift to girls, especially Dancy. He tries a bit too hard to make everyone think he's something special and usually strikes out doing it.  Austin MacDonald won the Best Performance in a TV Series award Supporting Young Actor in Hollywood for Debra
   Here you can watch some of the best scenes from Debra
DEBRA Behind the Scenes
A sneakpreview with the cast and production crew on the set of Debra
filmography/ audio video/media interviews
Lynn Maggio interviews Austin MAcDonald at the 2013 TIFF awards in Toronto
lYNN MAGgIO SOCIAL LODGE            2013 Toronto international film festival
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2014- Nestea commercial
Nature PAth Commercial           
2014- Nature Path commercial